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Anyone have any type of tips on just how to execute this ?? likewise looking for principles on replacement/modification for far better towing visibility.
96 Dodge lamb 2500, ATI intake-exhaust,S300 Turbo, 4" exaust , AFE stage 2 ,Gsk, custom Plate (Don"t recognize the number, yet the van is fast) , full Monte DTT, mag hitec pan and also diff cover, Snow"s stage III water injection, amsoil dual-bypass, filter engineering coolant filter, Dipricol guages (Pyro,boost,trans temp,differential temp,water temp, oil temp,). Amsoil throughoutTows mine Weekend Warrior 32" Toy hauler loaded with 3 quads.

Take the door panel off and also their are 3 10mm nuts on each mirror, just do not over tighten them.For far better towing visibility you can swap a collection off a 2002 but loosened the power functions. In stimulate to save power you would have to buy 2 sets, one indigenous 2002 because that the bases that connect to the door and a set from one 03+ for the power/heated versions to swap the eight onto the 02 bases.Heres some web links to the tow winter swap:

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Just got finished act this on mine Dad"s 96. Is the mirror mount loose from the door or walk the winter swing in and not continue to be where set? I"m going to i think the winter won"t remain where you put it as that is a usual problem.The complying with is because that a pickup there is no power home windows or strength mirrors-Remove the handles on the within of the door if the van is equipped with them. Popular music the door panel loosened at the upper edge at the prior of the door and prop open up with a timber block. Be mindful here but you can open op a void of numerous inches for access. There space 3 hex head bolts the holds the winter onto the door. Remove these and also the mirror is off. (don"t let that drop!)Remove the trim piece that consist of the mount area wherein the mirror mounts come the door. Within you will watch a clamp arrangment the clamps end the winter arm. Tighten this clamp TIGHT and this is what host the mirror in place. Be careful not to strip the screws out that host the clamp in place.Put everything back in place.Now, having actually said the above, these arms periodically will no tighten and also stay no matter just how tight girlfriend tighten the clamp. We tried a slim sheet the rubber under the arm/clamp area reasoning that would host it however that didn"t work. Finally just tightened up the clamps hard and that helped yet they room going come be replaced soon, acquired a set of electrical mirrors I"m walking to placed on for him.If your truck has electrical mirrors now, the over may not apply. Don"t know haw those are installed. (YET)