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Every light follows U.S. Motor automobile Safety standards (FMVSS-108)OEM design, guaranteed to fit just like original equipmentISTA certified packaging to eliminate shipping damageDirect bolt-on style - straightforward & convenient installationAll lights space brand new aftermarket productsMeets and exceeds OEM specifications every lights room DOT/SAE certifiedVTF (Vehicle check Fit)
What gimpppa.org assures You:Lifetime guarantee Guaranteed

Every component comes v a minimal lifetime warranty.

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Quality Guaranteed

We lug only the highest-quality brands in the industry, including TYC, KOYO, DEPO, and also Modine, simply to name a few. Every parts meet OEM top quality standards, and in most instances exceed the high quality of the original product.

Easy return Guaranteed

We sell a no-questions 100% money earlier guarantee on all items went back within 60 work of delivery.

Correct article Guaranteed

If you receive an untrue item indigenous us, us will immediately pay because that return shipment and send friend the correct item. (For items over $100 we will certainly ship the brand-new item ~ receiving the original, i beg your pardon we will pay for).

Item in good Condition Guaranteed

If the part we ship to you arrives in damaged or non-working condition, we will certainly ship another item out to girlfriend immediately. (For items over $100 we will ship the new item after receiving the original, i m sorry we will certainly pay for.)

Fast Shipping Guaranteed

Most orders are shipped out the same day as they"re received.

Best Price Guaranteed

Our prices room hands-down few of the shortest you"ll discover on the net. If you find a product offered for a reduced price by an additional vendor, we will certainly beat or complement their price.

Product Certifications

DOE/SAE Compliance - FMVSS 108

Auto parts manufacturers should adhere to a strict set of indict in stimulate to fulfill the criteria laid out by FMVSS 108. Any lights or reflectors that adorn vehicles traveling on public roads need to adhere come the regulations; otherwise, the manufacturer is subject to a slew of penalties.

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Some that the FMVSS 108 accuse include:

Technical specifications (illumination, construction)Proper product markingManufacturer registration

While the regulations room designed mainly for manufacturers, consumers must constantly be sure that any kind of lights that they download on their vehicles additionally meet these regulations. Citations deserve to be authorize for commodities that perform not accomplish the minimum regulation requirements.

All of the parts lugged on gimpppa.org space FMVSS 108 compliant, as the design have sustained extensive testing. Ours manufacturers only produce replacement lights that meet the highest of industry standards, ensuring on-road safety and also reducing the probability that breakdowns in ingredient construction.