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Hello,I have a "95 ZJ 4.0 and am having trouble locating the OBD port. I looked under the steering wheel, wherein I"ve been told that is located, but did not find it. Anyone have any suggestions as to where rather it may be? Also, walk anyone recognize for certain whether my year Jeep supplied OBD ns or OBD II?Also, lately it seems like the ZJ desires to stall at times, and also that other times the the acceleration is not as potent together others... Like either there is a ns of power, or the transmission just doesn"t want to go. That doesn"t make any type of funny sounds or anything. Any kind of suggestions regarding what I must be ~ above the look the end for?Thank friend in advance for her help.
95 5.2 Rusty"s 5.5 long arm. JKS spacers 242 hack-n-tap Tom Woods shafts 4.56 Detroited 8.8 TNT truss 36"s

1993 cool Cherokee Limited- 7" lengthy arm lifted, SOLD1999 cool Cherokee Laredo- 3" Kevin"s lift and also 31" Goodyears top top JK Moabs

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