The fuel pump fuse and also relay are under the hood in the fuse box near the master cylinder.

What is the difficulty exactly?


I have a 95 astro van together well and my fuse crate is no under the hood. Its on the inside, drivers side by the brake pedal. Likewise I looked and also I dont recognize which fuse is because that the fuel pump and also I dont even see a fuel pump relay there. I did but see to little boxes bolted under the hood ~ above the passenger side that looked like relays but again no fuses under the hood.

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I have a ,95 astro van and sometimes it will not execute anything once I turn the key...the lights and everything is on however the van will not turn over.....I"ve changed the battery, starter, plugs, wires,cap,coil and also the ignition monitoring Center also a new fuel filter and also ac compressor and a new drive belt.....I have taken mine van 3 time to a garage and also they can"t help....I don"t recognize what rather to do

Make sure the sensor in the fuel pump is connected, if therefore make certain wires linked under the van. Make sure battery is linked properly when done.

Have you confirm for 12 volts in ~ the starter v ignition in begin position, girlfriend will require a test light or volt meter.I deserve to only hope every the parts changed out were not done while trying to solve the not begin issue.

Open the hood and on the firewall top left you will see two black boxes next by side... The is the relay boxes.

When ns drive it for a if an climate i acquire some where"s an shut it off. Might take a fifty percent an hour up also two hours before it starts earlier what could be the problem

A good start would be questioning your question in a brand-new thread.

Secondly, we don"t understand what "else" you can do until we know what you"ve already done...

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My 95 gmc Safari van cranks however won"t start. I found the fuel filter needed to it is in replaced and also was clogged. Cleaned and also put in a brand-new filter yet it quiet cranks healthy and balanced yet no spark. Help

That is whereby mine is located, but are over there 2 relays the relate to the no start issue? Or is just one that the relays the fuel pump relay? I have actually only changed out among these when having starting issues, This starting issue is intermittent, really frustrating....

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