Fuse crate diagram (fuse layout), location, and assignment the fuses and also relays Lincoln Town auto (1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997).

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Checking and also Replacing Fuses

Fuses and circuit breakers safeguard your vehicle’s electric system indigenous overloading. If electrical components in the vehicle are no working, a fuse may have blown. Examine the ideal fuses prior to replacing any electrical components.

Look carefully at the fuse – a damaged wire in ~ the fuse identify blown fuses. If you room not sure or if the is as well dark come see, try replacing the doubt fuse with one of the exact same value that you know is good.

In situation if you execute not have a spare fuse, in an emergency you have the right to pull out fuses, which might be dispensable for normal driving (for example, audio system, tobacco lighter, OBD, chair heater, and also the like), and also use it if that is amperage rating is the same.


Always switch turn off the ignition system and the affected electrical circuit before replacing a fuse.Always disconnect the battery prior to servicing high existing fuses.Never usage a fuse the a greater amperage rating than that indicated, or use any type of other thing in ar of a fuse, even as a temporary fix. This can reason extensive damages or even fire.If the changed fuses blows again – call a qualified and also equipped business center.
Passenger Compartment Fuse crate Diagram

The fuse panel is under the left-hand next of the dashboard.



№AProtected components
1301992-1994: CD Changer, Clock Memory, Radio Memory, tool Cluster, stems Lid Pull-down, moving Telephone Connector, air Suspension, power Antenna, Daytime to run Lamps
151995-1997: Electronic automatically Temperature regulate (EATC) Module, back-up Lamps, rotate Signal Indicators, Trailer Battery Charging Relay, heated Seats, shift Lock
Circuit Breaker: Interval Wiper/Washer System
301995-1997: Wiper/Washer Controller Module, Windshield Wiper Motor
351995-1997: Instrument Cluster
4101992-1994: Instrument Cluster, Warning Lamps, Warning Chime, air Bag, EVO Steering
1995-1997: Lighting regulate Module (LCM)
5101992-1994: Heated Mirrors
151995-1997: Ignition Coils, PCM strength Relay
6101992-1994: Radio, Warning Chime, Dome/Reading/Map Lamps, strength Antenna, Clock, power Windows, transition Lock, far Keyless Entry, Anti-theft
1995-1997: Lighting manage Module (LCM), prior Radio control Unit, Clock, to move Phone, digital Day/Night Mirror, Compass Module
751992-1994: Instrument panel Illumination Lamps
151995-1997: Air Bag Diagnostic Monitor, waiting Suspension/EVO Steering Module, Steering Wheel Rotation Sensor, electronic Automatic Temperature manage (EATC) Module, Anti-Lock Brake Module, tool Cluster, Daytime running Lamps, Speed regulate Amplifier, Warning Indicators, Transmission manage Switch
8151992-1994: Manual bar Position Sensor, remote Keyless Entry, Daytime to run Lamps, EATC Controller Module, digital Day/Night Mirror, Autolamps, air Suspension/EVO Steering, Anti-theft
1995-1997: Keyless Entry, power Mirrors, trunk Lid Pull-Down, memory Seats, redundancy Steering regulate Module, CD Changer, to move Phone
9301992-1994: Blower Motor
51995-1997: Air Bag Diagnostic Monitor, Lighting regulate Module (LCM), Warning Indicators, prior Radio control Unit
10301992-1994: Cigar Lighter
301995-1997: Electronic automatic Temperature manage (EATC) Module
11201992-1994: Exterior Lamps, Courtesy Lamps, Anti-theft, AutoIamps
51995-1997: LF chair Module, LF Door Module
12151992-1994: Speed Control, stop Lamps, hazard Flashers, Warning Lamps
Circuit Breaker: Headlamps, Lighting control Module (LCM)
13151992-1994: Ignition Coils, EEC System
101995-1997: Rear home window Defrost/Heated Mirror
Circuit Breaker: Keyless Entry, Fuel to fill Door Release, LF chair Module, power Seats, LF Door Module
15151992-1994: Rear home window Defrost, Trailer Adapter, Headlamp Flash-to-Pass, rotate Signals, A/C Compressor Clutch 1995-1997: l/P Illumination, Courtesy Lamps, Daytime to run Lamps, Lighting manage Module (LCM)
16151992-1994: H02S Sensors
151995-1997: Brake ON-OFF Switch, Brake push Switch, hazard Flasher, Trailer Adapter
17101992-1994: Courtesy Lamps, EATC Controller Module, Warning Lamps, power Mirrors, remote Keyless Entry, memory Seats
301995-1997: Cigar Lighter
1851992-1994: Anti-lock Brake System
101995-1997: Electronic automatic Temperature manage (EATC) Module, instrument Cluster, On board Diagnostic (OBD) Data connect Connector, Clock, front Radio regulate Unit

Engine Compartment Fuse crate Diagram

The high present fuse panel is located in the engine compartment on the left-hand fender apron.



№AProtected Components
B401992-1994: Anti-lock Brakes
501995-1997: Anti-lock Brakes
C50Ignition Switch
D40Rear home window Defrost/Heated Mirrors
E40Ignition Switch
F30Circuit Breaker: Power Windows/Moonroof
G-Not Used
Circuit Breaker: Power Seats/Door Locks/Fuel Filler Door Release/Trunk Lid Pull-down/ trunk Lid relax Switch
J10Generator/Voltage Regulator
K10Air Bag Restraints
L151992-1994: Horn
201995-1997: Horn
M151992-1994: Daytime running Lamp
N20Fuel Pump
P251992-1994: Ignition Switch
301995-1997: Cooling Fan
R25Radio Amplifier
S301992-1994: Anti-lock Brakes
301995-1997: Heated Seat
T30Powertrain control Module (PCM)
U30Air Suspension
V30Trailer Tow Battery Charging
W30Trailer Tow Brakes
X30Trailer Tow Lamps
Y-Not Used
R2Air Suspension
R31992-1994: Anti-lock Brakes
1995-1997: Cooling Fan
R41992-1994: Window Regulator Safety
Additional Relay Box

The relay center is situated on the left-hand fender affixed come the vacuum reservoir.


1PCM Power
R1A/C WOT Cutout
R2Fuel Pump
R3PCM Power

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