The GMC Sonoma was commercialized between 1994 -2004 and also served as a basic for all the complying with midsized pickups design by the company.

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The truck had actually a vain price, was pretty efficient and also was also highly functional being able come cope through a wide selection of arduous applications.

The Sonoma was constructed in two generations and also the 2nd generation deserve to be still watched today, in isolated corners law some heavy duty jobs.

The old GMC Sonoma however, wasn’t at the same level with its Japanese rivals and also this is one of the reasons which do GMC realize the it need to leave this version behind and also move on.

The recent generation GMC Sonoma was offered in regular, extended and crew cab bodies v short and long beds. Engine choices included a 2.2-liter four-cylinder (118 horsepower), a 4.3-liter V6 (165 hp) and also the Vortec 4.3-liter V6 (195 hp).

1994 - 2004 GMC Sonoma
1994- 2004
Top Speed:
115 mph



The exterior format of the GMC Sonoma was 100 percent traditional without any fancy lines to rest up the monotony. The human body panels were additionally pretty clean, with level surfaces and also robust lines.

Up prior there was a standard GMC rectangle-shaped grille, flanked through two massive headlights through integrated transforming signals.

The former bumper no something to rave about and continued the same basic design language found at the remainder of the body.

The off roadway character that the van was intensified by its high ground clearance, the huge wheels and also the flared fenders.

At the ago there was a set of rectangular taillights and a broad opening tail door which offered easy access into the load bed. The rear bumper was pretty valuable as the could’ve been used as a convenient action to climb up into the tray.



The GMC Sonoma came with a dull and spartan internal that was a perfect complement for its farming character.

The dashboard had a robust however practical architecture with the main console contempt curved towards the driver to offer easier access to the HVAC controls and the audio system. Every plastic to be rock hard and the other products were also part of the third class. The develop quality was at par v its American counterparts, yet slightly behind the Japanese rivals.

There were likewise a couple of storage compartments thrown roughly the cabin consisting of two uninspired cup holders nested between the prior seats, a large glove box and a pair of convenient door pockets.

The seats to be hard and also totally there is no of any side bolstering which do them quite rudimentary. Over there were yet a couple of basic adjustments, however they no of much assist and you’d had actually to attend to a pretty spartan steering position.

The dash was a bit greater than normal which restricted a little bit the front road visibility, yet other than that the all about visibility was pretty good.

The 4 spoke steering wheel featured a rudimentary design and it was likewise placed a little bit too high gift a bit difficult to use. No to mention about the negative sound proof, together wind and also engine noise enters the cabin prefer it owns the place.

Engines and also performance


The second generation GMC Sonoma was readily available with 3 engine options. The entry level unit was a 2.2 liter 4 cylinder which arisen 118 hp, adhered to by a 4.3 liter V6 i m sorry came v 165 hp top top tap.

The peak of the variety GMC Sonoma was equipped through a 4.3 liter Vortec engine that churns out 195 hp. Regardless of being the strongest engine in the lineup, the Vortec unit still find it tough to address heavy loads and its performances no at the exact same level v its Japanese rivals. The weaker devices were also worse and also especially the 118 hp to be pretty sluggish and also unrefined.

All three engines were obtainable with either five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmissions, and four-wheel drive was optional.

GMC Sonoma Engines Specifications

2.2 liter118
4.3 liter V6165
4.3 liter Vortec195

Ride and handling


The GMC Sonoma’s suspension to be pretty rigid, together it had actually to attend to heavy tons without backing down. This method that the drive is nice stiff and you deserve to feel every bang of the road directly into your spine.

The managing was quite predictable with little body lean into corners and a direct steering.

Safety functions were pretty limited, yet rear antilock brakes were standard. Four-wheel ABS was optional on four-cylinder models and also standard through the V6. Over there was likewise offered a driver airbag.



The old GMC Sonoma to be a rugged and also unrefined work steed that was build to endure harsh working problems without whining. That engines weren’t as lively together expected, however in the finish they’ve controlled to get the project done and offered reasonable fuel intake for your time.

The ride to be stiff and also the overall road courtesy were nice agricultural, but this to be the usual treatment available by this kind of vehicles.

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The GMC Sonoma’s cabin to be pretty spartan with cheap, tough textured plastics and third class build quality, being a fifty percent step behind the Japanese rivals. ~ above the other hand, the GMC Sonoma was pretty reliable and also came with cheap maintenance costs.