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im stumped. I have actually a inspect engine irradiate on and also i cant figure it out. The van is an 85 ramcharger with a 1994 360 magnum. I confirm the password 5 or 6 times and they every come up the same. 34, 53, 13, 73, 2, 55. On line i read that all of the codes that have to come out have to be 2 number codes. The truck runs great, no lacking or sputtering and all the power is there. I simply dont desire to get stranded if there in reality is a problem... Any aid is considerably appriciated
85 Ramcharger royal SE Prospector2011 5.7 hemi on MS3 G56 6 SpeedNP241Dana 44 front9.25 behind 4.10 gear32x11.5 BFG A/T

34 (1987-1991) speed control shorted or open53 logic module inner problem13* MAP sensor or vacuum line might not it is in working
1978 w150 360/727/203Chry. 8.25/ D44 v 32\" 1987 Plymouth Horizon2.2L AutoBeen sitting because that 6+ years

Its no hooked up best now. I"m not actual worried about that code, I"m an ext worried about the 53 code... It runs simply fine, think it will provide me problems on a much longer drive?
85 Ramcharger imperial SE Prospector2011 5.7 hem on MS3 G56 6 SpeedNP241Dana 44 front9.25 behind 4.10 gear32x11.5 BFG A/T

Its no hooked up appropriate now. I"m not real worried about that code, I"m more worried around the 53 code... It runs just fine, think that will provide me problems on a longer drive?
I cant say for sure, it could be that your computer system is some just how tripping out and giving friend a code like code 13...The engine computer system is yes, really nothing an ext that a large grounding block, v PNP and NPN transistors...
1978 w150 360/727/203Chry. 8.25/ D44 through 32\" 1987 Plymouth Horizon2.2L AutoBeen sitting because that 6+ years

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The 1980s-1990s Chrysler vehicals .Start v the ignition off. Within 5 seconds, switch the key on, off, on, off, on. (On is *not* start!)The "check engine" light will certainly flash. Counting the flashes Each code is a two digit code, so a (for example) 23 would be flash FLASH (pause) speed FLASH flash (loong pause)It will never flash much more than 9 times, watch for pauses!55 is end of codes - it"s normal. Before you call your dealer or mechanic, consider that the blink-spacing is not constantly perfectly uniform, for this reason if you view 23 23, it"s probably just a solitary 55. (Codes space not repeated.)33 is normal on earlier models if friend don"t have actually air conditioning.John McGuire wrote: "The enlarge Vipers will blink out diag codes with 4 off/on key turns. They removed the capability starting in... I think 2000, at any type of rate I understand my 2001 needs a computer system to inspect the codes."On part models (such as a 1995 Neon), when the examine engine irradiate goes on, girlfriend may be able to get the codes merely by putting in the an essential and moving it come the operation position; the light will blink out the password by itself.Please keep in mind that some codes room NOT included below, this is not a complete listing, however it IS an extremely close to complete. That stemps from a list posted ~ above the Mopar e-mail List, yet many changes have to be made.* Activates strength Limited/Check Engine light on some models.IMPORTANT. Codes may be various for more recent vehicles beginning in the so late 1990s. Watch the previously section.11 No ignition referral signal detected during cranking (bad room effect) OR time belt skipped one or an ext teeth; OR lose of one of two people camshaft or crankshaft position sensor. Can cause the engine to avoid working completely with no limp-home mode.12 Battery or computer recently disconnected13* MAP sensor or vacuum line might not it is in working14* MAP sensor voltage listed below .16V or over 4.96V15 No speed/distance sensor signal16* ns of battery voltage detected through engine running17 Engine remains cool too long (bad thermostat or coolant sensor?)17 (1985 turbo only): hit sensor circuit--------------------------------------------------------------------------------21 Oxygen sensor signal doesn"t change (stays at 4.3-4.5V). Probably negative oxygen sensor22* Coolant sensor signal out of selection - May have actually been disconnected to set timing23* Incoming wait temperature sensor may be bad24* Throttle place sensor over 4.96V (SEE keep in mind #3)25 automatic Idle speed (AIS) motor driver circuit shorted or target idle not reached, vacuum leak found26 top injector circuit voltage has not been reached (need to inspect computer signals, voltage reg, injectors) (SEE keep in mind #4 BELOW)27 Injector circuit isn"t switching when it"s told come (TBI)OR (MPI) injector circuit #1 not switching rightOR (turbo) injector circuit #2 not switching rightOR (all 1990-) injector calculation driver no responding- inspect computer, connections--------------------------------------------------------------------------------31 poor evaporator purge solenoid circuit or driver32 (1984 only) power loss/limited lamp or circuit32 EGR gases not functioning (198
- examine vacuum, valve32 (1990-92, all yet Turbo) computer didn"t see readjust in air/"fuel ratio when EGR triggered - examine valve, vacuum lines, and EGR electrical33 Air air conditioning clutch relay circuit open up or shorted (may be in the wide-open-throttle cutoff circuit)34 (1984-86) EGR solenoid circuit shorted or open34 (1987-1991) speed regulate shorted or open35 Cooling pan relay circuit open up or shorted35 (trucks) idle switch motor error - inspect connections36 (turbo) Wastegate control circuit open up or shorted36 (3.9/5.2 RWD) solenoid coil circuit (air switching)36 (Turbo IV) #3 Vent Solenoid open/short37 change indicator irradiate failure, 5-speedORpart throttle lock/unlock solenoid driver circuit (87-89)ORsolenoid coil circuit (85-89 Turbo I-IV)ORTrans temperature sensor voltage low (1995 and on; see keep in mind 2)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------41* Alternator field manage circuit open up or shorted42 automatically shutdown relay circuit open or shorted42 Fuel pump relay control circuit42 Fuel level unit - no readjust over milesOR42 Z1 voltage lacking when autoshutdown circuit energized (SEE note #6)43 Peak main coil present not achieved with max dwell timeOR43 Cylinder misfireOR43 trouble in strength module to reasonable module interface44 No FJ2 voltage current at logic boardOR44 reasonable module self-diagnostics suggest problemOR44 Battery temperature out of selection (see keep in mind #1!)45 Turbo boost limit surpassed (engine was shut under by reasonable module)46* Battery voltage as well high throughout charging or charging mechanism voltage too low47 Battery voltage also low and also alternator output as well low--------------------------------------------------------------------------------51 Oxygen sensor grounding at lean place (Bob Lincoln wrote: may be tripped by a negative MAP sensor system bring about a rich condition, and the O2 sensor trying to compensate. The O2 sensor may still it is in good. The MAP assembly consists of 2 pieces, the valve and the vacuum transducer (round plastic unit through cylinder on top and both electrical and vacuum connections) - If you get hot turbulent idle and stalling, particularly on deceleration, add by flooded engine and an obstacle restarting, that have the right to be a poor MAP sensor resulting in the O2 sensor to try to compensate. If girlfriend get bad cold driveability, stumbling and bucking, and also acceptable warmth driving with negative gas usage (a drop of 10 mpg or more), the is normally the O2 sensor. OR51 internal logic module fault ("84 turbo only).52 Oxygen sensor grounding at rich place (SEE note #5!)OR52 inner logic module fault ("84 turbo only)53 reasonable module interior problem54 No sync pickup signal during engine rotation (turbo only)OR54 interior logic module error ("84 turbo only) - or camshaft sensor/distributor timing (7)55 end of codes--------------------------------------------------------------------------------61 "Baro" sensor open up or shorted62 EMR mileage can not be save on computer in EEPROM62 PCM failure SRI mile not stored63 Controller cannot write to EEPROM64 Catalytic converter effectiveness failure65 power steering switch failure--------------------------------------------------------------------------------88 start of test (not commonly given, don"t suppose it)FootnotesNOTE #1.The strength module has actually an air-cooled resistor i beg your pardon senses incoming wait temperature. The reasonable modules provides this details to control the field present in the alternator. This code applies ONLY come alternators who voltage is computer system regulated. If you lose the feeding to keep RAM information stored as soon as the engine"s off, you also lose battery voltage sensing. -- Bohdan BodnarNOTE #2.From the 1995 van manuals: the trailer towing package consists of a infection coolant temp sensor while the traditional package doesn"t. This may cause the short (no) voltage indication. -- J.E. WinburnNOTE #3.Matt Rowe comments: The accelerator postion circuit speak the computer system how far the accelerator is depressed. The Throttle position Sensor (TPS) is on the accelerator body ~ above the opposite next of the accelerator cable. The connector should have a round rubber cover end the connections. Clean the error codes, start the vehicle and shot jiggling the wires/connectors to shot to expedition a fault code. Loss of this signal could cause other problems.NOTE #4.During cranking, the computer system will check the current through the injector to check out whether there"s too much resistance in the injector"s path. If over there is, password 26 is set.The problem may be cured with tuner cleaner on the connectors.For TBI engines, the injector"s cold resistance must be in between 0.9 and 1.2 ohms (specs vary through year). This is a peak-and-hold injector. Through the engine idling the peak period should be about 1.2 millisecond whereas the hold period will vary. If it"s reduced than this in ~ idle, climate the injector"s shorted or there"s a defect in the injector driver circuit. (Bohdan Bodnar)NOTE #5.Wade Goldman wrote: In mine case, the breather pipe leading right into the catalytic converter had actually rusted and also become detached. This some how would cause the sensor to review an over affluent condition and run crummy. Ns did not trust the reliability of the weld end a corroded surface and opted because that the an ext expensive course of replacing the converter, breather tube and also all.NOTE #6.The Z1 voltage is the voltage that the circuits fed by the autoshutdown relay. This frequently includes fuel pump and also switched-battery feed to the ignition coil(s). In my Le Baron, the Z1 circuit pipeline the power module and also splits into two paths: the fuel pump and also the positive side that the ignition coil. Inner to the power module is the auto shutdown relay (in my case, it"s a sealed box around 1" by 1"). The calculation voltage is monitored to determine whether the relay responds correctly. I doubt that the ASD relay (and, therefore, the Z1 circuit) additionally feeds the fuel injector(s) driver(s) and also current sensing circuit, however can"t prove this.I"ve supplied the Z1 voltage to test for great power relations to the strength module. I linked my OTC 500 multimeter indigenous the battery"s positive write-up to the ignition coil"s switched battery terminal and also measured the voltage drop utilizing the bar graph come monitor optimal voltages. Voltage spikes of roughly 200 mV to 300 mV are ok -- noþeles more method tv tuner cleaner time (or replacing the strength module). Another thing to check is the best voltage drop throughout the priming pulse. V the old strength module, ns was losing around 2 volts throughout the circuit; the instead of is losing around 1/4 volt. (Thanks, )Note #7Steve Knickerbocker wrote: Inside her distributor you have two pickups, one is for the ignition and also one is to tell the computer system where number one cylinder is in its rotation. If you look in ~ the four slotted tangs within there girlfriend will watch one has actually a bigger slot, that"s the one the tells the sync pickup what"s number one. In various other words, the pickup within the distributor is bad.