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Alright so initially I had a ground cable issue, addressed that. Changed the battery, alternator, and also starter. The starter had actually a split wire that ns respliced ago together. However I have no crank. I thoguth maybe ignition switch, starter relay, or a fuse. I confirm the crank fuse and also it appeared fine. Any type of input fellows that the gm truck forum? due to the fact that originally exactly how this started was the van was to run fine all day. Then ns shut that off and I had actually no crank no start, resolved the ground wire issue. But still no crank. Simply the gauges and all the lamp still come on. Ns hear the fuel pump click in yet again no crank?! any kind of ideas? can the battery it is in low? Is over there something i missed? any type of input would be appreciated. Many thanks guys and also gals.
did you check continuity confident and negative wire starter solenoid come battery, might be a break in cable. Yes might be weak a dead cell, will certainly it start if friend jump.

What cable was split and also what color was it? You could want to shot the neutral safety switch to check out if the is maladjusted or bad. The wiring for the starter solenoid goes come it prior to it goes down to the starter.

It was the "yellow" wire that connects come the solenoid indigenous the neutral security switch i believe. I likewise think the last guy did a bypass so theres just the 2 wires that connect to the starter. It had actually split because of corrosion so ns respliced it. Did not start as soon as I tried jumping it. I"ll try checking the end the neutral safety switch, wherein is the located? I have actually seen the diagram I simply don"t recognize where that is under the hood.

Pretty lot that wire, and also the confident wire connect to the starter only. Together I understand there was never ever a third wire.

If your truck is an automatic on the tower then the neutral safety and security switch is usually placed on the tower so that when you move the transition lever it gets engaged. The could additionally be ~ above the transmission too. Try moving the shifter to park or neutral and also see if any type of help. If you jumper the solenoid wire on the starter come the large battery terminal on the starter the engine should crank. Be extremely careful not to quick to ground. That will prove the starter is ok. You will require to get a wiring diagram for your truck to recognize where the starter wire goes. Shot the Autozone net site together they have actually diagrams for the older model trucks.
Alright. I was thinking if the switch is bad, ns can shot shifting it into neutral and starting it. However yeah I need a much better diagram. Is the neutral security switch on optimal of the column? Under the column? and how much would tracing the wires go? If they operation all the method down come the starter.
Under the dash placed on the tower usually. I think the wire from the ignition switch might go under to the neutral safety and security switch first, climate to the starter and then with the bulkhead come the starter. Tracing is not simple deal as its hidden in a bulkhead cable harness that goes number of places and you yes, really don"t want to take the apart.
check that you have actually battery voltage on the battery terminal the the starter. Inspect you obtain voltage ~ above the "start" wire when you crank it.
As silverado 002 said: go you confirm your starter is ok? new part does not necessarily typical it works.

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