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91 ACCORD PLEASE help I need TO obtain TO FUEL PUMP
OK I require someone come tell me exactly where it is. Can acquire to in the tribe or ago seat so i do not have to drop the tank. I see no where to get to the by looking at it and also i have actually taken up the carpet and taken out the back seat. Who who has actually done this design or to know please aid i need to gain my automobile running please!

hate to tell you man yet ur gonna need to drop that tank. I just sat here and also read the haynes hand-operated i have for my accord. (i suggest obtaining one at the neighborhood auto parts) and also thats what it says. Also, have you changed the fuel filter? periodically they clog
I have the haynes manuel yet everyone online and also honda states you can gain to it via the back seat or the trunk v an accessibility panel. I see what her talking around in the tho. If that was simply the filter i would still have actually pressure i have actually Zero fuel pressure.
you can get to it from under the seat....... V a grinder and a cutting wheel or if your experienced with the palms a cordless drill and some masking tape.

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the fuel pump is in the tank. If friend look in the trunk under the carpet friend will discover a accessibility panel to gain to the fuel pump. That is simply behind the back of the earlier seat if there are 2 access pannels it is the one ~ above the left faceing it from the earlier of the car.

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