Do friend remember the excited of tearing open your very first pack of 1990 Topps football cards?

If you perform … well, you may be in the minority there.

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See, through 1990, the gridiron card game was transforming — had changed, in fact.

By the point, Topps had lost its monopoly and was joined in the ar by Score … and also Pro set … and Fleer. Lot of of choices meant a agency really had to stand the end to acquire anywhere.

And, while that 1990 Topps set was fine, it was really Topps-y, through a solid-but-not-exciting architecture and few true big-name rookie cards.

Oh, and also there were much more than sufficient 1990 Topps cards come go roughly — quiet are, in most cases — though, in retrospect, most likely not as many as their rivals pumped out.

All the those factors have assisted this set maintain a low hobby profile over the years, particularly on the worth front.

But the doesn’t mean all the 1990 Topps cards space worthless — condition and also player space key.

With all that in mind, right here are the most an important 1990 Topps soccer cards, as gleened from recent eBay sales of specimens in PSA 10 (GEM MT) condition.

1990 Topps Barry Sanders Rookie card (#352)

Who’s the greatest running earlier of all-time?

If you walk by full yardage gained, then it’s Emmitt Smith.

If you basic it top top yards every carry and the memory of old men, climate it’s Jim Brown.

For me, together a bears fan, i doubt anyone will ever measure up to Walter Payton.

But, man, if there was one male who had actually the potential to put them every in his rearview, it was Barry Sanders.

Dude could do just about anything v the absent in his hand. Had hips like a snake’s. Was charging up every all-time rushing list.

And climate … he just quit. At age 30.

It was crazy, and also probably wise from a wellness perspective.

Most of all, the left us all wonder what can have been.

What’s because that sure, though, is that the Lions good remains a hobby favorite, and his an initial base Topps map sells for approximately $25 in PSA 10 today.

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1990 Topps john Elway (#37)

Back in 1990, john Elway was the hotshot child quarterback who had failed in the supervisor Bowl three times and also was also not so lot of a son anymore.

After spurning the Baltimore Colts when they drafted him back in 1983, Elway offered a potential baseball career v the new York Yankees together leverage come basically pressure a profession to the Denver Broncos.

In Denver, he came to be a superstar who — fairly or no — acquired a reputation for not being maybe to end up the deal.

All that adjusted in 1997, as soon as the “old man” led his team to a championship … and also then did that again in 1998 prior to retiring.

Along the way, Elway ended up being a hall of call lock and collector favorite, help this mid-career card host steady roughly $20 in PSA 10.

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1990 Topps Joe Montana (#13)

Up until ten or 15 year ago, a healthy part of NFL pan would have actually named Montana as the greatest quarterback ever.

Sure, his raw stats might not have been the absolute best (though they were awesome), however those 4 Super bowl championships driven him over the top.

Nowadays, Montana has actually plenty of company in the “best ever” conversation, and I’d wager Tom Brady wins the poll in most settings (as much as it pains me come say that).

Nevertheless, Montana is a legend, and also his Canton bust really ought the it is in made out of genuine 49er yellow … nothing you think?

Joe’s 1990 Topps card isn’t golden, however it is a $20 to buy in perfect slabbed condition.

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1990 Topps Jerry Rice (#8)

Would over there be a Montana legend there is no Jerry Rice?

Well, correct … at the very least to part extent, considering that the best receiver the all-time proved up after San Fran’s very first two championships.

But Rice completely changed the expectations for NFL receivers, and also he likewise helped Steve Young win a large Game after ~ Montana rode off to Kansas City.

The man was likewise a maker when it pertained to conditioning, and he have the right to dance, too!

All of that adds approximately a $20 price tag for PSA 10 copies of his 1990 Topps card.

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1990 Topps Thurman cutting board (#206)

Thomas is sort of the john Elway of running backs, having reached 4 straight at sight Bowls with the Buffalo receipt without even a single victory to display for it.

Of course, the Bills never would have actually made it to even one championship video game without the exploits that Thomas, along with those of teammates Jim Kelly, Pete Metzelaars, Andre Reed, Bruce Smith, and also Scott Norwood (uh …).

What thomas lacks in rings, he provides up because that in yards from scrimmage (16,000+) and Canton busts (1).

Oh, and also in cardboard, wherein his 1990 Topps lines up just shy the $18 in perfect graded shape.

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1990 Topps Joe Montana document Breaker (#1)

Yeah, Montana again. That was always breaking records, this guy.

So what record did he set in 1989?

Well, the actually happened in 1990, thank you very much. ~ above January 28, to be exact.

On that day, Montana threw five touchdowns in a super Bowl win over … the Denver Broncos and (yes) man Elway.

Terry Bradshaw and Doug Williams organized the previous note of four SB touchdowns, and also Steve Young would certainly break Montana’s mark a few years later.

Oh, well! No one resides forever, right?

But Montana’s 1990 document Breaker card still sells for $15+ today.

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1990 Topps Ken Norton Rookie card (#486)

Ken Norton was a monster in the ring. Why, that time he and also Ali tied up …

Oh, wait. Dorn Ken Norton.

No, this Ken Norton was as soon as a monster in the Cowboys backfield. Aided them win a pair Super Bowls.

And then, all of a sudden, he to be a monster in the 49ers backfield. Aided them success the next Super Bowl, in 1994.

The year after ~ that, Norton picked up three of his five career interceptions and scored his only two touchdowns. No Super bowl win, that year, though.

Not that it matters here, due to the fact that Norton to be a huge personality with a huge game, and also his cards remain popular today.

This one is popular sufficient to offer for about $15 in PSA 10.

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1990 Topps Dan Marino (#323)

Marino was choose an exaggerated version of Elway.

I mean, Marino’s dolphins made the huge Game ~ his second season in 1984, yet the Niners go out them out (38-16).

Marino walk on come reel off a wire of pass seasons prefer we’d never ever seen before and collection a new standard for passers, however he never — never ever — also made it back to the supervisor Bowl.

It’s a consistent point that contention when trying to rank him with his peers and also other all-time greats prefer Brady and also Peyton Manning, yet Marino’s exceptional individual performances have actually kept his hobby seat warm.

Today, this 1990 Topps card is about a $10 item in PSA 10.

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1990 Topps troy Aikman supervisor Rookie map (#482)

So, why go it take it Topps till 1990 to produce a base map of trojan Aikman once both Pro set and Score both featured the Cowboys’ budding star in your 1989 issues?

Hard to say … perhaps they were trying come beef up your 1989 Traded set?

Or maybe they assumed making Aikman’s debut a “Super Rookie” card would certainly really add something distinct to it?

Could just be they no have sufficient time or were otherwise ill-prepared to include draft picks in their 1989 set.

Whatever the case, this particular day we have actually this super Rookie Aikman (though capeless), and we can buy perfect copies for around $10.

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1990 Topps Andre Ware Rookie card (#349)

Topps resolved that draft pick hole in your game plan for 1990, and the an outcome was one of the first times we acquired a major-set card of the reigning Heisman Trophy winner in his university uniform.

Ware winner his hardware v the college of Houston in 1989, then went to the Lions through the seventh choose in the 1990 NFL Draft.

He behavior to perform basically nothing in four tortuous periods with Detroit before hanging increase his cleats, yet Ware — and Topps — had currently cemented his place in understanding history.

Today, you have the right to own a PSA 10 piece of that background for about $10.

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