Options and also prices because that the 1988 Olympic coins are given listed below (Options 3 arid 4 did not relate to silver- dollars and are omitted):

(1) evidence 1988-S silver- dollar, said retail $29; Schedule A price $25.50, Schedule 6 price $26. 88,858 coins were marketed this way, (The Mint rioted in a June 7, 1990, release of sales numbers that all figures are "subject to minor corrections; the figures given here are the recent numbers available.) A coin in it plastic capsule was housed in a maroon Velvet presentation instance with a hinged lid and a plaque the the good Seal ~ above the lid. The case and a descriptive certificate to be enclosed in a maroon cardboard crate imprinted ~ above the lid through the great Seal and also "United claims Mint/1988 Olympic Coins." the box was" inserted within a maroon slipcover similarly imprinted.

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(2) Uncirculated 1988-D silver dollar. Sleeve price $27, Schedule A price $24, Schedule B price not applicable. Sales: 139,084 coins. Packaged likewise to the 1988-S Proofsilver dollar.

(5) Two-coin Proof collection containing the 1988-S Proof silver dollar and the 1988-W evidence $5 gold. Said retail price $260, Schedule A price $228, Schedule 13 price $230. Sales totaled 225,534, Cointain plastic capsules were housed in a maroon velvet presentation situation with a hinged lid and a plaque that the good Seal on the lid. The case and a descriptive certificate were enclosed in a maroon cardboard crate imprinted ~ above the lid through the an excellent Seal and also "United states Mint/1988 Olympic Coins." package was inserted within a maroon slipcover likewise imprinted.

(6) Two-coin Uncirculated collection containing the 1988-D silver- dollar and also the 1988-W $5 gold. Argued retail price $250, Schedule A price $224, Schedule B price no applicable. Sales totaled 38,971 sets. Packaged similarly to No.5.

(7) Four-coin Proof and also Uncirculated set containing an Uncirculated 1988-D silver- dollar, a evidence 1988-S silver- dollar, and Uncirculated and also Proof instances of the 1988-W $5 gold, an installed in a mahogany box. Argued retail price $550 (later cut earlier to $510), Schedule A price $510 (presumably later lowered), Schedule B price no applicable. Sales amounted to 13,313 sets.

(8) reputation Proof collection consisting of an Olympic 1988-S Proof silver- dollar in mix with a continual five-coin Proof set of 1988. Argued retail price $45, Schedule A price $42, Schedule B price not applicable. Sales amounted to 231,661 sets. Each collection was mounted in a maroon plastic holder with hinged consist of (like a book) that maroon suede v a plaque of the great Seal placed on the front cover; white satin inner cover v USA five-ring Olympic logotype imprinted in silver, and red, white, and also blue ribbon. The holder and also a descriptive card were housed in a maroon cardboard box imprinted with the good Seal and Prestige set designation. (Regular five-coin 1988 evidence sets, no containing Olympic coins, were listed at the argued retail price the $11, Schedule A price $8.75, Schedule B price $9 come distributors participating in the Olympic program.)

Retail Prices

In its direct sales project to collectors and also others ~ above its mail list, the Mint developed prices of $22 foran Uncirculated 1988-D Olympic silver- dollar, raised after may 15, 1988, to $27, conversely, a proof 1988-S Olympic dollar was an initial offered at $23, increased on might 15, 1988, come $29. In addition, a two coin Uncirculated collection consisting that a 1988-D silver dollar and a 1988-W yellow $5 was available at $220 every set, a price later on raised come $250. The two-coin Proof set containing the 1988-S Proof silver dollar and also a evidence 1988-W $5 was available at $225, elevated on might 15 to $260

Prestige evidence sets to be priced in ~ $45 each. One-of-a-kind four-coin set in mahogany crate containing one Uncirculated 1988-D Olympic dollar, evidence 1988-S Olympic dollar, and also Uncirculated and Proof instances of the 1988-W $5 gold were very first offered in ~ $445, price later raised to $510.

Minting and also Distribution

Grey proclaiming was vested a $22 million contract to mount a nationwide campaign to publicize and also distribute the 1988 Olympic coins. Orders to be filled by the Washington office that the U.S. Mint, v mailing facilities in Lanham, Maryland. A type letter was sent to those ordering, expressing evaluation for your business and also noting the all Uncirculated pieces ordered throughout the pre-issue period would be transport by the moment of the Olympic gamings in September 1988. In addition, a commitment to be made to delivery at the very least 200,000 Proof yellow coins and 750,000 Proof silver coins by September.

The initial 1988-D silver- dollars were struck in a special ceremony. On hand to see the procedure were number of athletes indigenous past and also present United says Olympic teams consisting of Jeff Blatnick, Rowdy Gaines, man Naber, bill Toomey, and Connie Carpenter-Phinney.

The 1988 yearly Report that the manager of the Mint told of the sales effort: 1988 Olympic commemorative coins to be marketed through straight mail, telemarketing, international marketing, bulk, consignment and also over-the-counter sales. These coins were an initial offered for sale in ~ a pre-issue direct mail discount indigenous mid-February with mid-May 1988. More than 1.2 million coins were sold during the three month period of preissue discount sales. After ~ the pre-issue period, special projects were conducted in the residential market to support the revenue of coins through the sleeve program. Significant retailers such together K-Mart, Sears, Montgomery Ward, and also over 900 financial institutions sold U.S. Olympic coins to their customers. This retail regime made U.S. Olympic coins easily accessible to the American public in all 50 claims at an ext than 8,500 marketing locations. extr marketing efforts included a program to sell big quantities that coins to priceless metal and also coin dealers. A solid public relations routine was conducted to certain optimum push coverage.

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Final sales numbers released through the Mint suggest that 191,368 Uncirculated 1988-D Olympic silver dollars were distributed and also 1,359,366 evidence 1988...5 dollars were sold, amounting come a complete of 1,550,734 silver- dollars indigenous both mints. Eventually, the Mint stated that the sales of virtually two million coins (including the $5 yellow coins) gave in a benefit of around $22 million.

Numismatic Information Collecting 1988 Olympic Dollars Today instances of the Uncirculated 1988-D and also Proof 1988-S Olympic silver- dollars space readily easily accessible in problem as issued.