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can my old truck traction a travel trailer (mileage, pickup, motor)
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I have a 1979 Ford F150 with 4 wheel drive and a 300 cubic inch straight 6 cylinder engine. It has been loved but not restored, so most of the parts are original. The has great suspension, yet the engine, transmission, drive shaft and also rear finish is every original.Some time back there was a leak approximately my rear axles which ns did my best to fix (new bearings and seals). Ns am looking at a 16 foot travel trailer. It also needs attention, however is in pretty good shape and has electric brakes. So my question is: will this truck pull a 16 foot take trip trailer up and also down hills and also even mountains. Will it be for sure on the highway. And is there anything I might do to do it safer if it needs to be.

1979 Ford F150 4 wheel drive and also a 300 cubic customs straight 6 cylinder engine.... Every original.So my concern is: will certainly this truck pull a 16 foot take trip trailer up and down hills and also even mountains.
Two inquiries here:1) would certainly a 1979 F150 300cid 4WD pull a 16 foot take trip trailer the Xlbs once new? (5000lb?)2) will certainly your thirty-three year old runout instance of that still do the same?Start with Ford to view what the initial specs might have handled back then.If the price is positive... Walk to a speed shop and also put "er ~ above a Dyno and also see what you have today.If tho positive...
I had a 79 F150 through a 300. I miss out on that engine. Electric brakes are a must. Have the right to it traction it? Yes. Will it it is in fast? Nope. The 79 operation ideally at 55 MPH. That is how it is geared. Anything quicker then that is tough on the engine and tanks her mileage. Make certain you have a radiator big enough to handle the load. As much as reliablity the is a 34 year old pickup, anything deserve to go wrong.
That particular motor is best for hefty loads, that has an extremely high torque. It"s far better than a many V-8"s for torque which is what you need for hauling. Ns know due to the fact that I had actually one that was in a 72 f-250.As argued look up the specs indigenous Ford because it"s the brakes and also suspension that are the real issue. If ns was girlfriend I"d have actually all the brake lines replaced and also have the brakes gone end thoroughly.
That to be the max rate on mine and when ns say max it should of to be up roughly 4 or 5 thousands RPM, it was 4 speed and an initial gear was provided every couple of years. LOL.
I worry about the 150 component + 4x4.... (Light duty and tall)Keep tow weight and COG as low as possible. (tandem axle & under 3,000#)6-10 ply Tires (stiffer sidewalls) ans same Hitch and great brakes. Go SLOW... And go down hills SLOWER.I used f250"s with 300s and also hauled 5000#. They to be not rapid up hills, yet would cruise all throughout WY at 85+ mph (in a tail wind...)Some that the early 80"s had destructive high geared 5 speed auto tranny. Stick through a hand-operated truck tranny.

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Good point on making certain you space using a true light truck rated tire and not a passenger rated tire.
Wow. I"m impressed. These were an excellent answers.I will certainly look into obtaining a bigger radiator the I can do.And I will certainly look into replacing mine front rotors. They space a little bit worn and new pads of food . . . And brand-new lines. I do have a little cash on hand now and maybe those light truck tires room a good idea.But what is this Oil Cooler? and I"m guessing the reference to the hitch is some sort of unique stabilizer. I have the right to look the up on line.I believe my van is around 6,000 GVW and I uncovered some site that rated 150"s tow capacity at about ... Can"t uncover it now, but I think much less than what the trailer need to weigh.I"m additionally a little concerned around my clutch and the assumed of sitting at a irradiate on a hill through this point behind me scares me a little.The owner that the trailer I"m looking at claimed I can take it residence for a few days and maybe that would certainly be a good idea.Go slow and easy and also just see.Gentlemen . . . Thank you.Jim