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THE new issues that United claims notes bearing the nationwide motto, “In God us Trust,” on the reverse design are becoming an ext common in circulation. The addition of the motto come the brand-new bills is attracting grcnter fist to file money in general.

One proof of this is the increasing rate that inquiries from beginners who room sure they have made a valuable discovery. They have “found” a $1 bill that is the same to various other bills of its kind except that that does not lug the motto,

First the all, together bills have small premium value. They are abundant in dealers’ stocks and can it is in purchased for just a couple of dollars over confront in crisp uncirculated condition. Secondly, over there is nothing irregular about bills there is no the motto. They are the product of regular printing procedures at the office of Engraving and also Printing.

The $1 receipt in inquiry are all silver certificates the the collection of 1935, which started in the year and ended in 1963 through the issue of 1935H. Every bills the the series from 1935A until well into the printing of the 1935G problem did not carry the motto.

In 1957 the Bureau included some new large‐capacity, dryprocess print presses i beg your pardon required various printing plates. One result of this to be the beginning of the 1957 collection of $1 silver- certificates. This collection is currently up to 19578. (All concerns of the 1957 collection carry the motto.) The 1935 series, without motto, had actually to be ongoing (on the old presses) in stimulate to accomplish the economy's require for dollar bills.

In the latter part of 1961 the Bureau, had to replenish its supply of old‐style plates because that the wet‐process presses; it seized this possibility to include the motto come the 1935 collection reverse design. This arisen toward the finish of the 1935G issue. Roughly, 195 million pieces of 1935G were printed without the motto; around 31 million with the motto. Dealers, however, placed away sizable amounts of both. The final issue, 1935H, of course, likewise carries the motto.


The recent William Fayerweather auction the Civil war tokens was in reality the second component of a three‐part letter auction of approximately 2,500 varieties. The first part featured a wide range of patriotic and also political‐theme tokens as well as the beginning of an alphabetical state‐by‐ state listing of advertising tokens. This store‐cards or tradesmen's tokens were offered as one‐cent “necessity coins” through stores, restaurants and the like in a nuntber that states throughout the polite War, principally in 1863 and also 1864.

The second component of the mailbid auction continued the state‐by‐state store‐card listing, indigenous Michigan with Ohio. The third component will be held soon.

Afterward a prices‐realized list of every three components will be accessible from Mr. Fayerweather because that $1. This should prove invaluable together a guide to existing values the Civil battle tokens, a supplement for the two paperback reference books on this fascinating item of Americana through George and Melvin Fuld. (The profusely shown books, entitled “Patriotic Civil war Tokens” and also “A overview to civil War store Card Tokens,” are easily accessible in all well‐stocked coin shops.)

Mr. Fayerweather's auction lots are, of course, keyed to the numbering mechanism used in the Fuld books. For the advantage of late‐comers, he might still have the ability to supply back copies of the component 1 and also 2 listings, however only to severe collectors that order the prices‐realized list now. His deal with is 2191 Tinsman Road, Fenton, Mich., 48430.


A solid increase in member is report by the newly developed Henry Hudson Canadian Coin Club, a team organized in response to the cultivation ranks the Canadian coin and token collectors in the metropolitan brand-new York area. John P. Jensen of brand-new Rochelle is president. The secretary is miss out on Julia Mayer, 2525 Church Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y., 11226.

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Regular monthly meetings are hosted every second Sunday, beginning at about 2:30 P. M., in the Henry Hudson Hotel, 353 West 57th Street. James T. Murphy of university Point, who was a prime mover in the club's formation, points the end that the society was named in acknowledgment of the singular function played by Henry Hudson in Canadian‐American exploration and also development.