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I to be looking come swap out the rims amd tires on mine 2 trailblazer"s. The one is a 2002 lt with 16" rims and also 245/65/r16 tires. The other is a 2007 lt through 17" rims and 245/65/r17 tires. Ns am wondering if the rims and also tires deserve to be swapped the end without having any issues through either vehicle?

Measure the front rotor diameter top top the TB v the 17" wheels. 12" and your good. If they measure 12.8" the 16" won"t fitI can"t remember what year castle switched come the bigger front rotors on every TBs
Did friend ever shot and put the 16 customs rims ~ above the 07? I"m curious if they fit due to the fact that I"m thinking about picking increase a collection of 16s to put on mine 07 because that winter tires. All the research study that I"ve done appears to present that 16s will certainly fit on up to a 2006, but for a 2007, I"m recognize misleading information.Thanks

All swb v8, ext"s, and ss models have at least 17" wheels, and also cannot go any lower as the rotors space larger.. All swb i6 models will interchange between 16-20 n above..
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