Bonnie Springs Ranch

One the the many family-friendlytourist attractions in the ras Vegas, Nevada area

Bonnie Springs Ranch opening Hours:

Bonnie Springs Old Nevada: During Summer: 10am - 6pm Wednesday – Sunday; throughout Winter: 10am - 5pm however may close earlier so call to confirm.

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Petting Zoo: 10am - 6pm daily

Cost: $10 every adult, $7 per kid (12 and under) Wednesday - Sunday, this consists of entry to Bonnie Springs Old Nevada and also the Petting Zoo.

Location: 16395 Bonnie Springs Rd, Blue Diamond, NV 89004Further information and also tickets: Tel: 702-875-4191


If you long to endure a taste the rustic America and also escape the glitz and also glamour of the ras Vegas strip then you might want to examine out Bonnie Springs, Old Nevada, especially if you’re searching for something fun and a little bit different to execute with the entirety family.

The history of the ranch

Bonnie Springs Ranch has been approximately for a while having actually been created as one attraction in 1952, though before that it was an actual stopover for wagon trains travelling to California. As soon as you get there you’d be forgiven for reasoning it’s been approximately for lot much longer! and this is the idea.

What’s Bonnie Springs like?

Well, because that a begin you’ll uncover the Old Nevada west Town there. Honestly, it’s a really friendly location - somewhere you can imagine Woody indigenous Toy Story fitting ideal in:

It"s time for Woody"s RoundupHe"s the an extremely bestHe"s the rootinest tootinest cowboyin the wild wild west

Sorry, ns get carried away - ours daughter’s totally obsessed with Toy Story so the 1880s-style melodramas and gun fights room perfect entertainment because that her, appropriate now. Plus you can also enjoy a museum and some tiny shops.

Horse and Pony Rides at Bonnie SpringsThere’s plenty to do. Ours girl’s a bit little at the moment however they operation cute pony rides for under 5s and also for the larger children and also adults there’s also horse riding. It expenses $7.50 for a pony ride.Bonnie Springs ZooIn keeping with the layout of Bonnie Springs is the charming petting zoo wherein you can look forward to feeding and also stroking the pets from donkeys and goats to wolves and also lynx. The zoo is non-profit. Train RideThere’s a small train that kids can drive during weekends and also holidays. It goes native the main entrance come the lower vehicle park and reminds me of a train ride we have at home in the UK that I offered to ride as a child, despite obviously the sights you deserve to see from the Bonnie Springs train space pretty various from that.

Food and also Entertainment

The restaurant’s open 9am – 9am daily. If you enjoy a an excellent old knee up and also visit the Ranch top top a Saturday or Sunday then record the popular Bonnie’s Old West music Revue at the restaurant. It’s a comedy packed with songs and also dancing an ideal for the entirety family. If friend haven’t currently eaten yes the handy choice of gaining some dinner if you’re there for the musical. Choose the remainder of the Bonnie Springs Ranch the set up’s pretty relaxed with tables instead of the regular rows that seats.


Staying at Bonnie Springs

If you loss in love through Bonnie Springs – and you just might - they have a motel therefore you deserve to stay. Native the ranch you’ll be well placed to check out Red absent Canyon, which is one of our many memorable trips. Rooms begin at $85.

How carry out you gain to Bonnie Springs Ranch?

It’s around 25 miles far from the Strip, in the love of the beautiful Red absent Canyon and pretty straight forward to acquire to. It must take you about 30-40 minute in the automobile from the Strip. The roadways narrow a bit as you gain near the ranch and also you may come across the odd cheat (burro) wandering about which simply helps set the scene.

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How lot does the cost?

There are various costs for each attraction so you should make sure you spending plan enough because that this trip.