Pumpkin purée is the technological term because that what many of us just call “canned pumpkin.” the is generally used in phibìc America as the basis because that pumpkin pie.

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What is pumpkin purée aka canned pumpkin

Canned pumpkin is pumpkin that has been cook by steaming, strained through filters to eliminate rind and seeds, mashed smoothly, and then maintained by the canning process.

Nadia Arumugam, a food columnist because that Forbes and Slate magazines, describes the processing:

After the entirety pumpkins room washed and also disinfected in the factory setting, they space de-stemmed and chopped right into pieces by mechanically cutters. An effective jets that water knock out seeds and also stringy pulp i beg your pardon drop the end through tiny perforations at the base of the machines. The pumpkin piece then pass into metal baskets or boxes and are steamed under high pressure or lock are brought through a consistent belt when being based on constants blasts that steam. They could likewise be cook in “wilting towers;” high cylindrical units lot like silos. The pumpkin pieces room fed into openings in ~ the top of the towers and as they travel down they are steamed.

Much choose pumpkin that has actually been baked or steamed in the domestic kitchen, commercially wilted pumpkin is additionally water-logged. Lot of the liquid is naturally occurring squash juice, however some of that is condensed steam. While there are some techniques residence cooks have the right to use to dry out soggy squash they space time spend (see below) and the results not always consistent. Processors press the cooking pumpkin through solid adjustable presses come squeeze the end the overfill liquid till the mixture will a details moisture content. The pressed pumpkin currently passes v a pulper to eliminate bits that skin, fibers, seeds and also other hard particles and also to start the mashing process. Once broken down, the pumpkin goes to the finisher, a kind of industrial strength food mill to it is in ground into the smooth puree you discover in cans and also to remove any type of finer bits of extraneous material.” <1>Arumugam, Nadia. Why You want Canned Pumpkin because that A much better Pie, not Fresh. Forbes Magazine. 19 November 2013.

Some brand of crate pumpkin may additionally contain squash, however that’s not a trouble — pumpkin is a squash (see language notes below.) canned pumpkin is on the shelf of every grocery save in phibìc America, and is usually less than the price of a actual pumpkin.

That maybe, however, be just true for North America. It may be lot harder, or an ext expensive, to find canned pumpkin in the UK, Australia, new Zealand, etc.

Cooking Tips

If you’re making pies, crate pumpkin might be the means to walk if you’re not an competent hand, as they will assist you avoid acquiring a watery pie. Even dab hands regularly prefer to use canned pumpkin. See right here for the standard Libby’s Pumpkin Pie cooking recipes that supplies canned pumpkin.

To do your very own pumpkin purée: to wash pumpkin to remove any kind of dirt. Cut pumpkin into big chunks (don’t bother peeling) and also remove seeds. Steam for about 1/2 hour or till tender — poke v a fork to check for the same level the tenderness the you would once boiling potatoes. Drain in a colander, and let cool.

Some civilization advocate the roasting is a much better method 보다 steaming. “Roast the pumpkin in a warm 215 C / 420 F cooktop so that the dry warm evaporates as much of the fluid from the reduced surfaces together possible.” <4>Ibid.

Sometimes house cooked pumpkin purée have the right to be runny: if you’ve had actually this happen to friend before, and want to stop it again, in ~ this stage, placed the cooking pumpkin chunks in a colander resting in a big bowl, cover all through plastic wrap, and set in frozen refrigerator overnight to drain.

Scrape the cook pumpkin turn off from the skin with a large metal spoon and discard the skin. Placed the pumpkin into a blender (or food processor) and purée until smooth, or mash through a potato masher.

Nadia Arumugam recommends one further step to evaporate more moisture out. She writes, “Cook the puree in a heavy-base saucepan over an extremely low heat, stirring, till thickened and also browned. The puree additionally benefits native caramelization which offers it a sweeter note.” <5>Ibid.

You can likewise make purée from other squash in the very same manner. The ideal versions combine pumpkin through some various other squash.

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Even if you are in a hurry, constantly cool her homemade purée before using the in pumpkin pies.