Year: 1914Type: Federal Reserve keep in mind (Red Seal)Denomination: Ten Dollar Bill
Value:  The value of $10 bills from the collection of 1914 is based upon the condition and serial variety of each bill.

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We purchase collection of 1914 $10 bill red seals. Send us an email to tell us what girlfriend have admin
. We will certainly respond quickly with our opinion and also offer.
Description: 1914 $10 federal Reserve Notes have actually a picture of Andrew Jackson ~ above the front of them. Castle each have to red serial numbers and also a red seal i beg your pardon is published on the appropriate hand side of the bill. The earlier of each collection of 1914 $10 bill shows agriculture and industry.

1914 $10 bills v red seals are always rarer 보다 the blue seals native the exact same year.

The day December 23, 1913 composed on all series of 1914 red seal $10 bills. That day has naught to carry out with once they were actually printed. These room all called 1914 $10 red seals by collectors, in spite of the 1913 date. Please call us for pricing ~ above your exact bill.

There were no star notes published for the 1914 $10 commonwealth Reserve keep in mind series.

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Variations: There space a complete of 24 varieties of 1914 $10 red seals. All twelve commonwealth reserve districts authorize 1914 ten dollar red seals. Each ar is responsible because that two different varieties. In spite of the 24 various Freidberg numbers, all 1914 $5 red seals space signed by Burke and also McAdoo.
Inscriptions: federal Reserve keep in mind – series of 1914 – Authorized by commonwealth Reserve plot of December 23, 1913 – The United states Will pay To The Bearer On need Ten Dollars – Washington D.C. – it is registered Of The Treasury – Treasurer that The United states – Amer Septent Sigil Thesaur – This keep in mind is unification by all national and also member banks and also federal reserve financial institutions for every taxes, customs and other windy dues, that is redeemable in gold on demand at the treasury department of the United says in the city the Washington, ar of Columbia, or in yellow or lawful money at any kind of federal to make reservation bank.