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IRA eligible, these beautiful coins feature "Winged Victory" and also are rapidly getting popularity in the united States.
Coin Highlights: consists of 1 oz the .999 fine Silver. Separation, personal, instance coins come in safety packaging. Obverse: functions a sculptural relief style of the nationwide Shield, included by the legend "Estados Unidos Mexicanos" (United mexico States). Reverse: Depicts two vital symbols of the mexican people: the Winged success statue in the forefront and also the mexican volcanoes Popocatépetl and also Iztaccíhuatl in the background. Guaranteed by Banco de Mexico. Protect your Silver Libertad v this clean plastic capsule or display it in style by including an attractive presentation box or jewelry bezel to her order.Add this 1982 1 oz silver Mexican Libertad coin to her cart today!

Product Specifications

Product ID: 10201 Year: 1982 Grade: brilliant Unc grade Service: none Denomination: 1 Onza Mint Mark: Mo - Mexico City metal Content: 1 troy oz Purity: .999 Thickness: 4 mm Diameter: 36 mm inside Pack: 20 external Pack: 500

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The Mexican silver Libertad join Mexico’s pre-Columbian heritage through its new society of independence. Comprise .999 fine Silver, these silver bullion coins are guaranteed by Banco de México. The silver Libertad is available in a wide range of sizes including 1/20 oz, 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz, 1 oz, 2 oz and also 1 kilo. Since of the limited mintages the the Mexican silver- Libertad, they space not frequently seen in north American portfolios, make this coin appropriate for both investors and collectors.

Identical to its gold counterpart, the design of the silver- Libertad is based on the 50 Peso Centenario issued in between 1921 and also 1947. Covered in pictures that are strongly symbolic of Mexico’s wealthy history, the silver- Libertad is widely thought about one that the many beautiful coins ever before made. The obverse of every Libertads function the Mexican national Seal, when the 1 oz, 2 oz and also 1 kilo silver Libertads likewise feature the seal framed by various coats that arms supplied throughout Mexico’s history. The turning back of the coin boasts the Winged victory statue, symbolizing Mexico’s independence from Spain. Behind her room two volcanoes the are component of pre-Columbian mexico mythology: Popocatépetl and also Iztaccíhuatl.

According come legend, Iztaccíhuatl was the daughter the a great king and also Popocatépetl was a solid and fearless warrior. The king promised Popocatépetl he can marry Iztaccíhuatl if he reverted from battle victorious. After numerous months the combat, a rumor spread to Iztaccíhuatl that Popocatépetl had actually been killed in the war. Devastated, the princess refuse to sleep or eat and also finally dropped ill and also slipped away. A brief time after ~ this, Popocatépetl went back to find his lover dead. Heartbroken, he took Iztaccíhuatl’s body right into the wilderness to watch over her where his fate copy the fate of the princess. As the planet reclaimed their bodies, the 2 lovers became great volcanoes, with Popocatépetl keeping eternal watch over Iztaccíhuatl.

La Casa de Moneda de México, the nationwide mint that Mexico, is one of the oldest mints in the world. Established by the Spanish Viceroy Antonio de Mendoza in 1535 under the government of the Spanish Crown, La Casa de Moneda de México ended up being the first mint in the Americas. The first coins to win by the mint were the silver- 8 Reales complied with by the silver- peso. The silver- peso ended up being widely circulated throughout phibìc America and also Asia well into the 1800s and also served together the catalyst for many modern currencies including the Chinese yuan, the Japanese yen and also the American dollar. Due to the fact that 1983, all coins produced by the nationwide mint of Mexico are produced in san Luis Potosí and the initial site the the mint is currently the headquarters because that Museo Nacional de ras Culturas in Mexico City.

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