A chemistry mole is not an animal.

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A chemical mole is a unit of measure up the quantity of chemistry substances. Because that the difficulty shown, usage this mole conversion factor:

1 mole = 6.o2 x 1023 atoms

The number6.o2 x 1023is referred to as Avagadro’s Number

Calculate: 4.2 x 1026atoms the lithium (Li) are equal to how numerous moles of lithium (Li)?


Following are step-by-step instructions for working v this problem. Please contact me if friend have any questions.
Think: Drawa T chart to organize your numbers and also units. Numbers and also units over the horizontal line will certainly be in the numerator and also numbers and units listed below the horizontal line will certainly be in the denominator. The vertical line represents a multiplication operation.
Think:Write the number and also unit of the lot of the starting material. Check out the difficulty again. It is a straightforward conversion difficulty with only one measure, i m sorry is4.2 x 1026atoms the Lithium, Li.
Think:Look at her T chart. Notification that atoms that Liis in the numerator (above the horizontal line). The only means to eliminate this unit is to divide byatoms that Li.So compose atoms the Li in the denominator (below the horizontal line).
Think:The difficulty is to calculate the number of moles that room equal to4.2 x 1026atoms that Lithium, Li.

Is over there a conversion aspect comparing the unit of moles to atoms? YES!1 mole = 6.o2 x 1023atoms

Add the number6.o2 x 1023with the atom of Li in the denominator.

Add 1 mole in the numerator.

Draw a line v atoms as shown. You now only have the unit the mole left in this problem. Therefore when the mathematics calculations space completed, the unit for the number prize is mole.

Think:Before you start your calculations, decide exactly how many far-reaching figures your answer will be in. Remember, the conversion factors are never used in determining far-reaching figures. Thus, the far-reaching figures the 4.2 is the number of far-reaching figures because that the answer. The answer need to be in two far-ranging figures. FYI the clinical notation does not decide far-reaching figures.

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